In every generation, there comes one television show that is destined to become a legend... Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

a note from suri

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Angel. Two straight hours for the discerning viewer to be passionate about. And isn't that a miracle enough to make you believe in a kind and benevolent, tv-watching, S.F. reading god?

Go. Read. Enjoy.

Table of Contents

Interlude: The Best Lies

Are the ones we tell ourselves. A snippet written during the great Beige Rift (aka Angel's brief Putz-headedness)


The Blood-Dimmed Tide
If Buffy is the Slayerettes' leader, then Giles is their center. But what happens when the center cannot hold? Warning: Darkfic. Evil suricata is loose and this is NOT for the under-17 or easily disturbed. Updated, still incomplete

Refresher Course
The further Education of... (A follow-up to "Master Class." C/G adult activities. Above 18 onlies, please!)

Cordelia tells it like it is. Post-"Redefinition."

Interlude: Warriors of the Light, with Scotch

"Fired? We're fired?" This was actually written before "Redefinition". I posted it to a list, so I have witnesses! But Crosswinds wouldn't let me update. *grumble*

The "Senex Amans" series

The Game Begins

An Immortal arrives in Los Angeles. The wheels begin to turn.

Soul Survivors

Methos shares a few home truths with Angel. You'd think someone that old would know better by now...

Beta Read

An entry from the journal of Wesley Windham-Price.


Under heat and pressure, objects -- and people -- are refined... An Angel/Buffy crossover. Seriously Jossed. Greenwalted? Josswalted. But I planned it to be A.U. anyway...
This fic has won five, count 'em five awards. *suri pauses to wipe a tear from her eye* I...I feel so loved... *sniffle*

In A Dark Time

An ANGEL scene, post-"Darla." Love illuminates.
Author's note: Otherwise known as Angel's a schmuck.

Noche del Muerto

Willow. Spell. Sometimes, the best of intentions... are enough.

Interlude: Warriors of the Light, with VCR

When the going gets stressed, the stressed write snippets. Don't expect much but maybe the occasional snicker.

The Perfect Ceremony of Love's Right

*blush* I actually forgot I wrote this one. But here it is, in all its' sniffly glory. Written in season three, what happens when Buffy has to grow up overnight. Warning: Character Death 'n Angst.


Willow, drooling. As per an IRC conversation one Tuesday night...


A possible solution to "how on earth is Cordy ever going to find a job that doesn't interere with her 'real' jobs as Messenger and Gal Friday?" Slight spoilers for "Eternity."

A New Year's Ficlet '00

Angel Investigations sees in the New Year.

Love Lessons
An Alternate Universe ANGELfic, in which Doyle not only gets to be the hero, but reaps the benefits therein... Hosted at suricata's sister site, Sands o' Denial, which you should check out, anyway.

Old Family Retainer

Reposting old fluffy-fic to succor those reading TIDE. We all know what Rupert inherited from the his father's maternal side. But what came to him from the Giles family tree...?

An End Of Days

When tragedy hits, there's only one place for Cordelia to go... warning: spoilers for "Hero"(Oh, like you don't know already!). Warning: weepyfic.

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know

The classic, salvaged from various hard drives and restored for the discerning reader. Ethan's stolen an artifact, and Giles is going after it...but Willow won't let the Watcher go it alone. PG-13 and NC-17 endings available, so stick with your reading level, please.

Graduation Day

A completely A.U. version of Sunnydale High's 1999 graduation. G rated and sweet...a rare suricata outing into the Fluffy side of the Force.

Turning Point

Willow reacts to Giles' being fired. G/PG rated, much to my astonishment. Must be something in the water...

Master Class

My reaction to all those "first time as perfect bliss" stories. Hah. Giles/Cordelia (yes, I know, I'm sorry), and probably NC-17, so mind your manners and don't go reading it you're under legal age in your reading location, okay?

The Watcher's Burden

A what-if piece, suggested by too many teasers for "next week on Buffy..." I like my version better.

Duty and Honor

A short vignette on what it means to be a Watcher.

The Watcher You Deserve

You don't always get what you want. If you're very lucky... you get what you need.

Best Served Cold...

suricata laughs, low and evil. Angel-lovers, beware....

When He Was Bad

When he was bad, he was very very bad. When he was really bad,... he was Yummy. Giles, natch. ADULTS ONLY. Yes, I mean it. Don't make me lock you out...


A long ago promises comes back to haunt Giles.. and create new possibilities for Willow. Adult situations (that means sex, and therefore off limits if you're under the local age of consent). Hey, don't bitch to me, I didn't make the laws...

Destination Unknown

Giles and Willow. Readers above the local age of consent only, please!

Five Words and an Obligatory Nude Scene

A GASP challenge fic using five pre-set words.
I added the nude scene all by my lonesome.

Many Happy Returns

Another vignette. Watcher, Scotch, and too many thoughts.

Souldmate Unwanted

An interrupted spell causes mayhem for one of the Scooby Gang...
A choose-you-own-ending story

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