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Interlude: Warriors of the Light, with vcr

by suricata

Tara frowned dubiously. "You people have odd ideas on how to relax."

"What?" Angel looked up from the pile of tapes. "These are classics." He found the one he was looking for, and held it up, triumphantly. "And speaking of classics..."

Giles took the tape from him, and blinked in what might have been either astonishment or fear. "Love at First Bite?"

"A classic," Cordelia said, coming out of the kitchen with a huge bowl of popcorn in her hands. She handed it off to Wesley, and took her usual place at the edge of the sofa.

"It has its moments," Angel allowed.

"Let me get this straight." Xander looked more confused than he had in years. "You guys mellow out on the weekends by watching vampire movies? That's, don't you think, a little weird?"

"Got to admit, I'm with Xander on this one," Buffy said. She was sitting in the one straight-backed chair in the room, clearly uncomfortable with the slumber-party atmosphere the Sunnydale contingent had stumbled into by arriving in L.A. on a quiet night.

"Not only vampire movies," Wesley corrected them. "Monster movies of all sorts. We had a run of Godzilla films last month --"

"Which pretty much proved that Americans just should so not try to do Godzilla. Lame!" Cordelia interrupted him.

"And some of them are, actually, quite impressive, both in terms of mythology, and filmmaking."

"Yeah," Cordelia rode over his sentence again. "They were showing Nosferatu a while back at the Playhouse -- the old silent one? Live organ music, and everything. Even Angel was wigged."

"I was not," the vampire protested.

"Please. You jumped just like the rest of us when the vamp turned around."

"It was the soundtrack," he said. "It startled me."

"Riiiiight," Wesley and Cordelia said in unison.

*suri runs shrieking for the aid of the men with the nice white coats...*