hunting the wild mongoose....

suricata is a small mammal, which claims membership in the Fannish family (suricata ficwrittus). Gregarious among her own kind, she is nontheless shy around strangers, and must be coaxed into first contact by an offering of chocolate, or a judicious amount of feedback.

You may find the suricata in her natural habitat, an underground den that is much larger inside than it would appear from the surface. Lined with comfortable sofas, these dens typically have a fully-stocked fridge, an impressive multimedia center, and, of course, a dedicated internet connection.

For more information about the suricata, see the well-documented report in the February 2003 issue of Mythology & Psychology. Or you can contact her directly (remember, chocolate or praise!) at her burrow

graphic courtesy of Lisa Lonrad @ animation arthouse


But suricata has a less... exotic side, as well. When the sun rises, and it's time to wash up, dress up, and go to work, she transforms into the mild-mannered meerkat... and here is where you can find her.